I am a huge consumer of media. These past few months, I got snap chat, instagram and tik tok. This has changed my life a lot. I feel like before I got these social medias, I understood things a lot less. For example, when people are talking about a tik tok video or something that one of our friends posted, I am more likely to know it versus when I did not have social media, I had no clue about what was going on until someone told me. This is both a curse and a blessing. I feel like social media has taken up a lot more of my time than I would like. It has become something that is absentmindedly at the back of my mind. This year I have also been in a lot of group facetimes. This has enabled me to make new friends, but it is also very distracting and time consuming. When I am on group facetimes, depending on who it is, I get really distracted or I cannot retain the things I am learning.

Being aware of my media consumptions has made me have more control over myself. I feel like I have not…

Wayne's World (Week 5 Free Blog)

Wayne's World is a movie about Wayne and his best friend Garth and their TV show called Wayne's World. Wayne and Garth are both very dumb, and the way this movie is presented shows a type of memorable stupidity that makes you laugh and love the movie. Although this movie is meant for a comedic effect and much of what they do is for comedy,  it still is reinforces stereotypes about women throughout the movie which can still have an impact on the way the viewers perceive things.

In the movie, Wayne falls in love with a girl named Cassandra. Cassandra is in a heavy metal band. Wayne first sees her at a bar while she is with her heavy metal band on stage performing. When she comes down from the stage, there are two men fighting in front of her that are blocker her way so she uses very impressive fighting moves to get them out of her way. This reminded me of when we learned about the "Fighting Fucktoy" from the film. Although Cassandra does not necessarily fight,  she has…

One Direction (Week 4)

One Direction is the iconic British boy band of the early/ mid 2010s. Almost any girl breathing wanted to be with them, and any guy living wanted to be one of them. The original band was made up of five boys: Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn (who quit later on). These boys were attractive and sang songs that drove all the girls crazy. If you scroll through and listen to a few of the One Directions songs, you will notice that pretty much each and every one of them have to do with love. They tied to emotion of love to their songs to attract people. One Directions songs gave/give a romantic appeal and attract many girls in search of that so when you thought of  One Direction, you thought of love. Their attractiveness and romantic aesthetic allowed them to become one of the biggest boy bands in the world even after they split up. Although One Direction is still split up now,  many are still in hopes for a reunion even after these four years that they have broken up. This just shows how…

High School The Musical The Series (Week 4)


High School Musical The Musical The Series is a TV show that was aired this year. When the trailer first came every single person I know was hating on it because we all thought that they were trying to replace the original high school musical. After finding out that a Tik Tok song I really liked came from this show I was in shock. I could not believe that this show might actually have some potential. After figuring this out, I immediately went on Disney Plus and watched the first episode of the show to see what it was all about, and from that moment on, I was hooked.

The song that caused me to go crazy over the relationship of Nini and Ricky was called "All I Want". This song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. While scrolling through the comments I found that many people loved this song because they really connected with what it was saying. There were comments saying "'All I have is myself at the end of the d…

Miss Representation (Week 5)

At the end of last year, there was a remake of the 2000s movie Charlie's Angels. The original Charlie's Angels starred three young women (Dylan, Natalie, and Alex) who were private investigators that work for a man named Charlie. Dylan, Natalie, and Alex are very strong and have amazing fighting abilities. They are also very beautiful and angelic. The movie's name gives the audience a very specific representation of women. The three girls in the movie have very similar body types: they are all skinny, around the same height, and have beautiful, perfect hair. When the word "Angels" is used in the title, it is portraying women in a categorized way which places stereotypes in the eyes of men of how women should look. Because the movie is called "Charlie's Angels" it also gives off the idea that men are in charge of women or that women are below men.

In the film, Miss Representation, it talks about the idea of "Fighting Fucktoys". Charlie'…

Perfect (Week 3)

Perfect by Ed Sheeran is a very popular song made in 2017. Although it was made around three years ago, it is still a very popular and well known song that many people still use for romantic events today. This song was a love song like much of Ed Sheeran songs and many songs in general. This was created for romantic purposes and to show and romanticize love. As human we almost all have a need for love and affection. This song draws to many because of that which is why it is still loved and adored by many and still played on the radio even today. I think another reason why this song attracts to so many people is because it is a type of fantasy, romanticized that we all long for to draw our attention and continue to listen to this song. This song has such a great impact that I might even want to use it for my wedding song and I am 15 years old.

Stererotypes in GIlmore GIrls

In The TV show the Gilmore Girls, there are many stereotypes that are shown throughout the series. One stereotype that is very prominent, is the character of Lane Kim, and Emily and Richard Gilmore. Lane Kim is a very stereotypical asian girl. Throughout the series her main priorities is school. She also has a very strict mother who is always pushing her to do better in her academics and trying to hold arranged marriages for her. This image is very stereotypical of the image that many people have of asian girls not just then but now too. In Gilmore Girls, there is also the stereotype of the wealthy upper class white couple (Emily and Richard Gilmore). Emily is  always seen with perfect hair and perfect attire, while Richard is always either at work or golfing with his friends at the country club. Emily and Richard provide an almost perfect example of the stereotype presented.  Gilmore Girls is a very popular and classic show, but there are many characters that reinforce stereotypes th…